Calcium Chloride

One of the important chemical mineral materials, is calcium chloride that is used in industries of drilling , chemical, food and pharmaceutical.

The material has a relatively high solubility in water, the amount of the material solubility increase by temperature increasing, even it is able to solve in its crystallization water .

There are two methods to produce the material. The first one is direct reaction between HCl gas and lime suspension or limestone, but in second one it is produced by reaction between hydrochloric acid and lime (limestone). The first method efficiency is definitely better because of concentration increasing of producing chloride calcium solution.

The summary of design features of the company are as follow:

1- The production is very pure so it is able to use it as food and pharmaceutical grade.

2- High energy saving efficiency

3- All equipment such as crystallizer, centrifugation, drying and evaporator are collected in one package to cut down the manufacturing costs.

4- The production cost is low and minimal amount of the direct operators for each shift are just two people.

5- Ability to produce flakes or powder.

6- There are the adjustable crystallization water percentage and ability to produce variety percentage in the process.