About Us

Petro Rahbar Pahang Company

Petro Rahbar Pahang Company, by relying on know-how, experiences, collective participation of experts and managers who they have invaluable experience in consulting engineers, manufacturing companies, has started its activities on varied fields.

Activity fields of the company are as follows:

– Know-how services and engineering design

– performance services, installation and contract

– Technical support services and industrial leading

– Commercial services and supplying of facilities and equipment

That is included varied fields such as mineral chemical and petrochemical industries, industrial equipment and facilities, construction projects, water treatment and wastewater treatment.

Mentioned services are listed in the below groups :

1. Engineering design unit:

The unit works on varied fields such as consultation, designing and commissioning of chemical and petrochemical industry units and feasibility studies on project.

There is a notable potential on consultation, design, commissioning, etc. because of the newest technology and know-how of chemical producing (such as mineral acids, sulfates, chlorides, etc.) and well-known foreign consultants.

2. Construction and installation:

The unit is active on construction and installation of industrial equipment, piping system, fire-fighting system, mechanical and process design, compressed air production and transfer, HPS steam, LPS, fueling, water refineries, waste water treatment and pumping stations.

3. Technical support and industry leading:

The unit works on two main fields:

A) Operation of varied industries:

The factory gets ready in optimum operating condition after installation of equipment and facilities and pre-commissioning tests and commissioning on NO LOAD and FULL LOAD states by useful experts and modern software.

B) Maintenance, monitoring and repair of equipment and facilities:

The main activities of the unit are on maintenance, monitoring, inspecting and repairing of chemical and petrochemical and refinery industries and wastewater treatment, which all services such as C.M, E.M, P.M, etc. are presented by intelligent software. There are services such as vibration analysis, oil analysis, thermography; water analysis, equipment calibration and performance analysis are supplied in the unit.

4. Commercial and supply:

We are able to prepare requirement equipment and facilities by identifying and communicating with the best supplier to keep the quality high while the cost is low. According to notable sufficient knowledge from our experts, there are compatible supplied items with design and operation conditions.

We have cooperated with manufacturers and suppliers from around the world for a long time and in other hand we know the requirements of local industries, so we have decided to bring technical and economical benefits to both of manufacturer and consumer.